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Solid Perfume

Solid perfume contain wax, cream or balm and is housed in compact pieces of jewelry, castings, tin, wood or elegant packaging.

Originally created in ancient Egyptian times, somewhat 4,500 years ago.  It was later well known all over the world, and were appreciated across the whole Mediterranean Basin. Egyptians acquired in-depth knowledge in elaboration of perfumes. Perfumes were originally used during religious rituals. It is believed that Cleopatra even used to put waxy scents on her mouth before kissing!

Solid perfumes are now quite trendy again and here’s why:

Solid Perfume Flowers

Benefits of Solid Perfume

Many solid perfumes are natural. No more alcohol on your precious skin.

It is the perfect travel companion. Due to it’s compact and convenient size, it fit’s perfectly into your pocket or handbag. You are also not bound to liquid restrictions at airports and there is no need to worry about a leaking perfume bottle.

It is practical. You can apply it easily behind the ear, inner elbow, behind the knee, wrists, hair or even between your toes for fresh smelling feet. Men are also now staring to apply it as beard balm.

It moisturizes your skin and natural perfumes provides aromatherapy benefits, such as calming lavender for stressful days.

It is more of a discreet, intimate skin scent that project a mark of elegance. You will scent the wearer not the whole environment! It releases it’s fragrance gradually throughout the day, instead of an overpowering first off that wears of early in the day.

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