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Rosehip oil review

Rosehip oil review

Here’s our Rosehip Oil Review

Rosehip oil is a popular remedy for all kinds of skin conditions. Mostly, Rosehip oil has wonderful healing benefits and here is our review on this remedy!

What is Rosehip Oil?

It is a tiny orange or red fruit and the rosebush produce. It produce this after it’s flower die, usually around the cold winter seasons. Therefore, be sure to look for them when you search for this product.

It’s oil is non-greasy, lightweight and a dry oil, which will quickly absorb into your skin. Certainly and with out a doubt leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated. So what does the reviews say about miracle remedy?

Rosehip Oil Benefits

Moisturizes dry skin: the fatty acids and vitamins help promote long lasting, non-greasy moisture to your skin. Just apply it on your whole body and face.

Reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and scars: Full of essential fatty acids and Vitamin C, E, and A. It is no wonder it promotes collagen production.

Reduces hyper-pigmentation and dark spots: the Vitamin A holds retinoids as a nutrition. With this it reduces visible signs of aging with regular use.

Protects against sun damage: it prevents the negative effects on your skin from UV exposure. But be sure to still use your daily sunscreen.

Reduces inflammation: it helps to grow skin tissue, hydrate the skin and soothe itchy skin. However, we will go in more detail about acne below.

Reduces red skin: it strengthens damaged blood vessels and with its natural astringent properties.















Heal bruises: with its high antioxidants and vitamins, as a result it will heal bruises quickly.

Brightens skin tone: Vitamin A encourages skin cell renewal. Additionally the Vitamin C helps with cell growth, thus boosting overall radiance. It also fights off free radicals from the environment.

Rosehip Oil Acne

Rosehip oil always has a high amount of linoleic fatty acid , which is exactly what you want if you’re acne-prone. Research has shown that people with acne has skin that are deficient in linoleic acid. So, applying rosehip oil, has the same benefits as having more of linoleic fatty acid it naturally. In turn this reduces the size of skin pores!

How to use Rosehip Oil

You can use Rosehip oil as the last step in your cleaning routine. For instance before you go to bed you simply apply 2-4 drops as a moisturizer. For deeper wrinkles, very dry skin, scaring, bruises and dark spots apply day and night. Should you have acne, apply regular on inflamed areas to reduce itchiness and redness when necessary in addition to your daily routine.

Keep in mind, you need to give it 8 – 12 weeks before you start to see noticeable effects.

Best Rosehip oil

There are various rosebushes and all of them carry this wonderful fruit, however Rosa canina is a medicinal winner alongside Rosa rugose.

If ever you are unsure which product to use for your skin or if you have a combination of symptom’s, we strongly recommend using Rosehip oil.