Immortelle “Everlasting”

The skin healing properties of Immortelle (Smilja) also called “Everlasting”

Free radicals created from pollution such as smog, dust and cigarette smoke, as well as our good friend the sun damages our skin. The damage may appear in several forms, such as skin colour (brown spots and broken blood vessels) to weakened skin that looks loose and saggy as a result of damaged elastic fibers. Free radicals can also break down the skin’s collagen and create wrinkles.

Good thing we have nature to help us restore our skin!

Immortelle is one of the best healing plant remedies for your skin. Not only does it repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue, it is also excellent for acne and inflamed blemishes. It clarifies complexions while reducing redness making it a great anti-inflammatory solution. It also provides protection for your skin against free radicals and is known for its anti-cancer properties.


Immortelle has beautiful bright yellow flowers and its fragrance can be found the air of the Mediterranean, India and the Balkans where it grows.

The aroma of Immortelle is complex and slightly medicinal with an earthy, herbaceous floral undertone and notes of straw and a delicious soothing maple-like scent.

It is no wonder why we carefully selected this range of skincare for you! Our product range is from the Balkans, the true source of this natural healing plant.


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